Christina Beckett presents an updated version of her tried and tested 6 week bariatric nutrition education program with over 200 satisfied students. Lindsay Hack provides her unique in-home training methods in a never-before offered do-at-your-own-pace format with modifications designed for bariatric patients at every stage

They have unleashed this combined course as the official start of their
Sassy Evolution Partnership!
"I really appreciate how Lindsay customizes the exercises. I haven't done anything like this in 15 years and a few months ago I wouldn't have even tried. The modified exercises along with Lindsay's encouragement and smile made me keep working.
I live in the country and getting to the gym would be a big commitment. I don't think I would be comfortable going the the gym yet, so starting at home was perfect and I had no excuses. I have workout tapes I could use at home but something always gets in the way. This gave me the accountability I needed and Lindsay was wonderful! Thank you, Lindsay!"
N.T, Evolve4You Client
About Your Coaches
Lindsay Hack
CEO & Founder

Lindsay is an incredible personal trainer who focuses on LOVING YOURSELF and MOVING YOUR BODY in ways that make you feel good!

Exercise should be a gift and not a chore, and Lindsay helps to make it feel that way.

Lindsay also focuses on "start where you are" and trains you from the comfort of your own home, via video chat. Her courses are interactive so she can check your form without you having to spend the TIME traveling to and from a gym.

Lindsay has created a 6 week fitness program complete with video tutorials and workouts especially with bariatric patients in mind.

You won't want to miss this!
Christina Beckett
CEO & Founder
Sleek & Sassy Nutrition

If you've never been overweight - it's super difficult to understand what it's like to be overweight. It's not just physical - but mental!

Christina understands the journey you are going through because she has BEEN THERE!

As a Bariatric Patient herself she understands the struggle to achieve a new, healthy life after bariatric surgery. 

Christina focuses on living in balance, having options and learning how to live and thrive in your new life without rules and restrictions!

Christina's 6 weeks of material focus on the principles she learned and used to achieve her bariatric goal and maintain it with ease. 
"A few months out from my RNY surgery I felt lost. What should I eat? How would I ensure that I would have long term success with my weight loss? Meal prepping was a foreign concept to me at the time. I found Christina Beckett and this program. All of my questions were answered. I learned how to follow a balanced macros plan. Received more recipes than I could have dreamt about. I learned how to efficiently and effectively meal prep. I also received much needed support and finally felt I knew the path I needed to follow. This group has kept me on track and has been so valuable to my success"
Chuck, Sleek & Sassy Nutrition Client
What's Included?
NUTRITION: Six weekly lessons complete with activities and homework to keep you on track and accountable.
CONTROL: Work through the material at your own pace and keep coming back to it for review forever.
NUTRITION COACHING SESSION: A one-on-one online coaching session with Christina Beckett
FITNESS COACHING SESSION: A one-on-one online coaching session with Lindsay Hack.
GROUP NUTRITION SUPPORT: One month in Sleek & Sassy Nutrition's monthly membership program, Sleek & Sassy Evolution.
MOVEMENT: Twelve at-home workouts (two each week for 6 weeks) complete with video instruction and modification suggestions to step each exercise up or down as needed.
ACCOUNTABILITY: Homework from both coaches with feedback if completed in suggested time-frame.
MOTIVATION: Gifts and prizes available to those who complete their activities and homework on schedule. 
GROUP FITNESS SUPPORT: One month in Evolve4You's monthly membership program, VIP Inner Circle.